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The EXECUTIVE MBA program is aimed at company executives, senior managers, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to get the most out of international business education, while studying in their native language.

The EXECUTIVE MBA PROGRAM is based on the best international and Russian business education practices, including 25 years of experience in cooperation with Kingston University, as well as many years of experience in implementing open and corporate programs.

The EXECUTIVE MBA program has a valid AMBA accreditation (International MBA Association, UK), the accreditation was successfully confirmed in July 2021 for a period of 5 years.



Modular format: 10 modules, including on-site (internship)

The cost of the program:
The cost of the program for 2022-2024 is 1.550.000 rubles, payment by semesters. There is a system of discounts. Special conditions for the winners and finalists of the Leaders of Russia contest — 1,200,000 rubles.

Convenient training schedule: 1 module every 2 months, the duration of the module is 5 days

Duration: 22 months

Teaching language
The program is implemented in Russian. With the participation of foreign speakers, translation into Russian is provided.

Education document:

RANEPA Executive MBA Diploma,
Registered international certificate of AMVA,
Certificate of an international educational partner on completion of an exit module (internship).

New Business Reality: Focus on digital business transformation in each module

Proven best Russian and international teachers, master classes from business leaders in each module

Balance of theory and practice, practice-oriented training, visits to enterprises and companies

End-to-end course "Personal effectiveness of a manager", executive coaching sessions, the opportunity to "become the best version of yourself"

Group consulting project at the end of the first year of study, based on the actual case of the customer company

Individual diploma project-solving a business problem as your result of studying at the program

Synthesis of the best in Russian and international business education. Real reliance on international principles of business education, which is reflected in the methodology and teaching staff of the program.

The best price/quality offer in the category of EMBA programs: generous content for reasonable money.

The first places in the Russian ratings, the most popular EMBA program for the choice of the participants of the "Leaders of Russia" contest.

Transformational program: students note real changes that begin by the end of the 1st year of study and are associated with rethinking themselves: a new appointment, starting a business, an ambitious project, and so on.

Continuous improvement of the program. Annual updating, integration of everything new that appears in the business environment: new business speakers, visits, courses and field modules. Business is changing and we are changing with it.

Program structure

The program administration reserves the right to make changes to the program

Program content

2 year of study — novelty and practice

1 year of study — systematization of knowledge

The main macro and micro economic concepts for making managerial decisions. Global challenges of the digital economy. Current trends and technologies.

Program content

1 year of study — systematization of knowledge

The main macro and micro economic concepts for making managerial decisions. Global challenges of the digital economy. Current trends and technologies.

2 year of study — novelty and practice

Project management. The traditional Waterfall approach. Flexible Agile technologies. Risk management. Management consulting. Group work on the real case of the customer company, project protection.

Category "Question to the expert"

"Question to the expert"
lecturer of the Strategic Management course of the EMBA program, top expert of Russian retail, CEO of Chizhik X5 Retail Group, holder of an MBA degree from Kingston University London, graduate of Executive Education INSEAD and LBS programs
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EMBA "Strategic Management"
lecturer of the courses "Innovation and Entrepreneurship", "Digital Business Transformation" of the EMBA program, has more than 10 years of experience in strategic consulting, holds an MBA degree (Bentley University, USA), graduated from the Harvard Business School (Strategy Execution)
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EMBA "Strategic Management"
Professor of EMBA practice "Strategic Management", has more than 15 years of experience in strategic consulting, holder of an MBA degree (Sellinger School of Business and Management, USA), graduated from Harvard Business School (Executive Development)
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EMBA "Strategic Management"

Acting skills

As well as individual executive coaching sessions throughout the training period, the opportunity to "become the best version of yourself"

In each module, one day is devoted to working on "soft skills", including:

The Art of public speaking

Psychological flexibility

Emotional Intelligence

Situational leadership

Personality typology

Resource status of the manager

Negotiation and influence

the effectiveness of the manager"

End-to-end course "Personal

of the manager"
End-to-end course
"Personal the effectiveness
Дополнительная культурная программа;
Посещение университетов-партнеров;
Мастер-классы от бизнес лидеров и выдающихся спикеров;
Визиты в исследовательские центры/изучение новых технологий и продуктов;
Встречи с руководством организаций/обмен управленческим опытом;
Визиты в компании/на производство;

International internships

Элементы программы выездного модуля:

The visiting international module takes place, as a rule, at the end of June and is a transition from the first year of study to the second. The field module is not a mandatory element of the program, participation in the module is optional. Flights and accommodation are paid separately.

International module

The visiting module on the EMBA program is an international internship, the program of which is built around a specific topic, issues ("Innovation Management", "Digital Economy", "New Business Models", "ESG", etc.), at the same time, when determining the topic of the visiting module, the wishes of the group members are taken into account. The duration of the visiting module program is 5  days.

Suggestions of the group members




Dubai and the UAE;

Malaysia and Singapore;

Possible directions:

Additional cultural program

Visiting partner universities;

Master classes from business leaders and outstanding speakers;

Visits to research centers/study of new technologies and products;

Meetings with the management of organizations/exchange of managerial experience;

Company/Production visits;

Elements of the visiting module program:

Educational formats

Admission to the program

to the program

A copy of the diploma of higher education;

Conditions of admission to the program
Package of documents and admission procedure


A copy of the general passport;

Interview/motivational interview

Motivation to learn

Managerial experience of at least 3 years;

Higher education;

Successful completion of the interview;

A copy of SNILS;

Motivational essay;

Group Profile


and business owners

government employees

corporate business, executives



  • Siberia

  • South of Russia

  • Ural

  • Caucasus

— women

  • Small business and others

  • Energy

  • Financial services

  • IT

  • Transport

  • Trading

  • Medicine

  • Education

  • Moscow

  • Saint-Petersburg

  • Tatarstan

  • Volga area

  • Far East

  • Crimea and Sevastopol

  • Kazakhstan


— men

*Survey data of the EMBA program listeners in Russian in March 2021, total points by category

Why choose an MBA program?*

Systematize knowledge, get a holistic view of the business

Increase your personal effectiveness, become a "better version of yourself"

Fill in the gaps in certain areas

Update knowledge/get the latest information

Expand your business connections and acquaintances

Advance in your career, get a promotion, move to another company

Get an EMBA diploma

Find partners and new ideas for starting a business

what are the differences?
Which program to choose,
What program
choose what
Managerial experience
from 3 years old
from 7 years old
Group Profile
Middle managers, heads of departments
Senior managers, entrepreneurs and business owners
Duration of the module
5 days
6 days
Soft skills focus track
Career development
Personal effectiveness of the manager
Exit module
Internal Russian internship
International internship
Additional elements
Master classes of business leaders
Master classes and company visits
1 150 000 rubles
1 550 0000 rubles
Special offer for "Leaders of Russia"
being clarified
1 200 0000 rubles
Additional elements
Exit module
Soft skills focus track
Duration of the module
Group Profile
Managerial experience
Special offer for "Leaders of Russia"
1 150 000 rubles
Master classes of business leaders
5 days
Career development
Middle managers, heads of departments
from 3 years old
being clarified
Internal Russian internship
1 550 0000 rubles
Master classes and company visits
International internship
6 days
Personal effectiveness of the manager
Senior managers, entrepreneurs and business owners
from 7 years old
1 200 0000 rubles
Специальное предложение для «Лидеров России»
Управленческий опыт
Профиль группы
Длительность модуля
Фокус трека soft skills
Выездной модуль
Дополнительные элементы
1 000 0000 руб.
от 3 лет
Менеджеры среднего звена, руководители департаментов
Развитие карьеры
5 дней
Внутрироссийская стажировка
Мастер-классы лидеров бизнеса
1 190 000 руб.
1 200 0000 руб.
от 7 лет
Руководители высшего звена, предприниматели и собственники бизнеса
Личная эффективность руководителя
6 дней
Международная стажировка
Мастер-классы и визиты в компании
1 550 0000 руб.

Our team teachers of School includes the best Russian practical teacher, international teachers, business leaders and company executives

We have the best teachers

We have the best
  • Prof. Desmond Doran
    Operational Management
  • Prof. Giulio Toscani
    Digital transformation
  • Dr. Neil Whitehead
    Design thinking.
    Development of creativity
  • Juliana Topazly
    and entrepreneurship
  • Prof. Phillip Samouel
    Date of the analyst.
    Strategic management
  • John Peters
    Creative solutions in business.
    Leadership of the New Age
  • Dr. Jonathan Gander
    Strategic management.
    Creative thinking.
    Comprehensive strategic solutions
  • Tatiana Yakovleva
    Personal effectiveness
    of the manager
  • Igor Mushakov
    IT for business
  • Vasily Shelkovoy
    Operational management.
    Lean manufacturing technologies
  • Ruslan Yusufov
    Digital transformation
  • Marina Pochinok
    Leadership maturity.
    Organizational behavior and development.
    Creative solutions for business
  • Leonid Shugurov
    Organizational behavior and development.
    Modern methods of training in the organization
  • Konstantin Orlov
    Financial management.
    Business simulations, interactive and game-based learning methods
  • Sergey Kolesnikov
    Operational Management
  • Kristina Tikhonova
    Digital technologies
  • Ilya Yakubson
    Strategic management
  • Viktor Semenov
    Strategic management
  • Valery Borisov
    Financial management
  • Tatiana Samsonova
    Design thinking, Convergence of technology, business and design, Agile Development Management