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The focus of business activity is rapidly shifting from the European direction to Asia. The first Russian program of Pan- Asian MBA is accredited by AMBA, is based on experience and teaching staff of English-language programs of the brand Kingston/ Ranepa, and allows to obtain an integrated value global and local context. The module schedule includes both traditional MBA blocks formed with new business tasks in mind, and end-to-end workshops on leadership development and soft skills, especially important for working in a multicultural environment. The bonuses of the program will be two foreign internships in countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Iran with the determination of the personal professional trajectory of students, the opportunity to receive certificates from foreign Asian universities and, of course, full immersion in the specifics of doing business in Pan-Asian region.

The purpose of Pan-Asian MBA only improve critical and analytical skills of a top Manager interested in work in new markets, but and develop the mindset of a new type, based on the ability to conduct business with innovative trends (Big Data, logistics 4.0, the digital economy, import substitution), the concept of leadership and orientation global corporate standards of the companies the Fortune 500. This program will give a new impetus to the development of students' social skills thanks to a team from different countries, which will be a valuable acquisition for a career at any stage.

Pan-Asian MBA

Program Parameters

Modular format: 11 modules + 2 international modules in Asia

Duration of the Program: 2 years

Training schedule: 1 module lasting 5-7 days every 2 months

Module schedule: 2023, October, December, 2024, January, March, May, July (international trip to Asia), October, December, 2024, January, March, May. July 2025 (International internship in Asia)

Language of instruction: The program is implemented in English

Document of education: Diploma "Master of Business Administration"Pan-Asian MBA" RANEPA; 2 certificates of Asian universities and an AMBA certificate for each student

The cost of the program: for 2023-2025, the cost of the program is 1.650.000 rubles, payment for semesters. There is a discount system depending on the date of the number of participants from the company and the payment date

Special conditions for the winners and finalists of the "Leaders of Russia" contest — 1.250.000 rubles

Program structure

The program administration reserves the right to make changes to the program

Main modules

Financial Management in the Digital Economy adopts an integrated approach to synthesize the various areas in finance into a consolidated framework and implements the theories and practices in the world of digital economy. Digital finance has the potential to make financial services accessible to underserved populations in areas that lacked physical infrastructure for these services. This module includes financial statement analysis, investment selection techniques and how financial institutions generate earnings and manage risks, which fit within financial positions in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. You will cover some fundamentals of asset management to digital assets, and also covers topics like cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Corporate finance deals with the capital structure of a corporation, including its funding and the actions that management takes to increase the value of the company. Corporate finance also includes the tools and analysis utilized to prioritize and distribute financial resources. The module has been designed and developed to provide course members with an opportunity to explore the theory and practice of corporate financial strategy and the link with corporate strategy. This course provides introduction to the fundamentals of finance, emphasizing their application to a wide variety of real-world situations spanning personal finance, corporate decision-making, and financial intermediation. Key concepts and applications include: time value of money, risk-return trade-off, cost of capital, interest rates, retirement savings, mortgage financing, auto leasing, capital budgeting, asset valuation, discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, net present value, internal rate of return, hurdle rate, payback period.

Admission procedure

Package of documents:

Passport scan


Photo in electronic form

Diploma of Higher education (notarized translation into English/Russian)

Summary in Russian and English

Get 2 letters of recommendation in the form (in Russian or in English)

Essay in English 750-1000 words about your motivation to enroll in the program

Admission procedure:

To be interviewed in Russian with the Dean and Director of the program

Take an internal English language test. If available (instead of testing), you can provide an IELTS certificate (from 6.5 points) or TOEFL (from 80 points), or a diploma of higher education abroad or specialized education (linguist / translator)

Pass an interview in English with a representative of the school

Any questions? Call, write:

Dr. Mitali Mittra

Program Director

Ms. Kristina Fisan

Program Director