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The training program covers all key HR processes and takes into account market trends in the post-covid era in the context of a new internationality.

The basis of the program structure is an innovative model of digital competencies for HR, the "HR from the Outside In" model for creating business value and a focus on best practices in the field of personnel management.

HR Academy is an international educational program from RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation based on international programs CIPD and Kingston Business School

Participants will gain valuable business connections, increased expertise and the full range of knowledge needed to understand HR processes and reach a new stage in their career.

HR Academy

Kingston / RANEPA

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Irina Prosviryakova

Program Director

Students will receive valuable business connections, increased expertise and the full range of knowledge needed to understand HR processes and "reach a new stage in" their career

Increase the importance of the HR function in the eyes of business and become a full member of the company's top team

Find a common language and satisfy the business needs of 6 main stakeholders (investors/owners; employees; managers; communities and regulators; partners and providers; customers)

Move from the practice of "extinguishing fires" to building a strategy

Get specific skills and knowledge in all areas of HR and master new functional areas (HR analytics, digital HR, etc.)

To study real market cases from the best Russian experts with multidisciplinary experience in Russian and international companies

Go to a new career stage and increase your income

Build your personal brand as an HR function manager

Expand the network of business contacts among HR and business

The program is aimed at solving the following queries:

Start of training: October - November 2023

Duration: 8 months (250 ac hours) online and offline

Cost: 675 000 rubles

Between modules: online training 2 Saturdays per month, live interactive classes from 9.00 to 12.00, group coaching online and offline 1 Saturday per month and individual meetings with a mentor on request and project

City: remote part – online, full-time modules in Moscow

Type: Modular program: 4 modules in Moscow, including business visits to companies plus online modules, work with a mentor on a project (5 sessions) and group coaching during intermodule work

Language: Russian

  • Diploma of professional retraining of RANEPA

Preparation for the International CIPD exam

You will study online live and on an interactive platform plus full-time modules in Moscow

The program materials cover all 7 levels of the CIPD program

Teachers are practicing specialists of EY, CIPD and RANEPA with experience in Russian and international companies

You will receive a diploma of professional retraining of RANEPA and an EY certificate

English language proficiency and certificates are not required for training. The program, created according to the best international standards, is taught in Russian

You will get high-quality networking with training colleagues, teachers and experts. All participants get into the closed club of graduates of the HR Academy of the Future

Key advantages

State diploma

International program in Russian

Valuable business contacts and experience

Flexible training format

Principles that work in Russia



Program content

The content of the program blocks is aimed at increasing the importance of the role of the HR function by creating value for the business and the main stakeholders

  • Finance for HR
  • Market trends
  • Company strategy and HR strategy
  • Project and Change Management
  • Training and development of the top team
  • Interaction with SD
  • Software: Leadership
  • Finance for HR
  • Market trends
  • Company strategy and HR strategy
  • Project and Change Management
  • Training and development of the top team
  • Interaction with SD
  • Software: Leadership

Package of documents for admission:

Admission procedure

The documents must be sent to

Application for training;


A copy of the general passport;

A copy of SNILS;

A copy of the diploma of higher education;

JPEG photo on a white background (as for a passport);

Consent to the processing of personal data;

Our team teachers of School includes the best Russian practical teacher, international teachers, business leaders and company executives

We have the best teachers

We have the best
  • Prof. Desmond Doran
    Operational Management
  • Prof. Giulio Toscani
    Digital transformation
  • Dr. Neil Whitehead
    Design thinking.
    Development of creativity
  • Juliana Topazly
    and entrepreneurship
  • Prof. Phillip Samouel
    Date of the analyst.
    Strategic management
  • John Peters
    Creative solutions in business.
    Leadership of the New Age
  • Dr. Jonathan Gander
    Strategic management.
    Creative thinking.
    Comprehensive strategic solutions
  • Tatiana Yakovleva
    Personal effectiveness
    of the manager
  • Igor Mushakov
    IT for business
  • Vasily Shelkovoy
    Operational management.
    Lean manufacturing technologies
  • Ruslan Yusufov
    Digital transformation
  • Marina Pochinok
    Leadership maturity.
    Organizational behavior and development.
    Creative solutions for business
  • Leonid Shugurov
    Organizational behavior and development.
    Modern methods of training in the organization
  • Konstantin Orlov
    Financial management.
    Business simulations, interactive and game-based learning methods
  • Sergey Kolesnikov
    Operational Management
  • Kristina Tikhonova
    Digital technologies
  • Ilya Yakubson
    Strategic management
  • Viktor Semenov
    Strategic management
  • Valery Borisov
    Financial management
  • Tatiana Samsonova
    Design thinking, Convergence of technology, business and design, Agile Development Management

Alumni Reviews

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HR Director ECCO

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Pushkova Natalia

Senior HR Business partner Russia, CIS & EE
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Kingston CIPD IHRM Masters


Director People & Organization, Advisory at PwC

Kingston CIPD IHRM Masters