Our Teachers



International Teachers
  • Prof. Desmond Doran
    Course "Operational Management"
    Professor at the University of Kent Business School, UK, Director of the Center for International Cooperation, expert in lean and supply chain management technologies 
  • Dr. Neil Whitehead
    Courses: "Design thinking", "Creativity development"
    Architect and designer, UK, founder and CEO of Stuffed, a company with international branding and design expertise
  • Prof. Giulio Toscani
    Courses: "Leadership", "Digital Transformation"
    Professor and Academic Director of the Artificial Intelligence Program at ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain. Expert in leadership and breakthrough technologies using big data and artificial intelligence
  • Juliana Topazly
    The course "Innovation and Entrepreneurship"
    Senior Lecturer at Kingston University, UK. Entrepreneur in the field of social projects, business consultant
  • Prof. Phillip Samouel
    Courses: "Data analytics: data analysis for management decision-making", "Strategic Management"
    Honorary Professor of Kingston University, UK, former Dean of the Business School
  • John Powell
    Courses: "Strategic Management", "Blue Ocean Strategy"
    Professor of Strategy at Exeter University, UK
  • John Peters
    Courses: "Creative solutions in business", "Leadership of the new time" ADVANCED MANAGEMENT programs
    Business consultant and motivational speaker, CEO of Monkey Business consulting company. Former RAF pilot. HR Specialist, Performance Management, Organizational Development and Leadership
  • Dr. Mitali Mittra
    Courses: "Marketing Management", "Marketing communications"
    Senior Lecturer at RANEPA, Visiting Lecturer at Kingston University, UK
  • Dr. Jonathan Gander
    Courses: "Strategic Management" of the MBA and EMBA programs, "Creative Thinking" and "Integrated Strategic Solutions" of the ADVANCED MANAGEMENT program
    Director of the Department of Creative Industries, Kingston University, UK. Visiting professor at many European and Asian business schools. Expert in the field of creating new value through creative business solutions
  • Richard Nugent
    Course: "Authentic Leadership" of the ADVANCED MANAGEMENT program
    Experienced management consultant, coach for leadership development and team interaction of the Manchester United Football Club. Author of several bestselling leadership books
  • Richard da Costa
    The course "Blurring the boundaries" of the ADVANCED MANAGEMENT program
    Business consultant with international experience in organizational development and human resource management. Visiting Professor Newcastle University Business School, École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers of Paris and l'EDHEC Business School in Lille
  • Dr. Mark Passera
    Course: "Behavioral Economics" of the ADVANCED MANAGEMENT program
    Senior Lecturer, Department of Creative Industries, Kingston University, UK. An experienced business consultant on the application of new media technologies, digital communication channels, big data and creative solutions
Russian teachers
  • Ilya Yakubson
    Courses: "Strategic Management", "Integrated Strategic Solutions", "Leadership"
    X5 Retail Group Strategy Advisor, General Director of the Chizhik discounter chain, former President of Dixie Group, President of Retailers of Russia
  • Igor Mushakov
    Course: "IT for business"
    An expert with more than 20 years of IT experience: SBS – Agro, Alfa Bank, Sberbank. Strategic Consultant of IBM, SIO "Uralsib Bank", "X5 Retail Group", "VP Bank" Vietnam. Information Technology Director of RGS Bank
  • Tatiana Yakovleva
    Courses: "Resource state of the manager", "Psychology for business", consultant of individual coaching sessions
    Managing Partner of AliusLab, Executive coach, head of the track "Personal effectiveness of the manager"
  • Ruslan Yusufov
    Course: "Digital Transformation"
    Managing Partner of AMOND SMITH, an expert in the field of blockchain and new digital technologies
  • Vasily Shelkovoy
    Courses: "Operational Management", "Lean Manufacturing technologies"
    Managing Director of the Sberbank Production System and Processes Department of Sberbank PJSC
  • Marina Pochinok
    Courses: "Leadership maturity", "Organizational behavior and development", "Creative solutions for business"
    Business leader with more than 20 years of experience in the field of human resource management, organizational development, project management and changes in Russian and international companies (Auriga, Philips, TNK-BP, Kidzania, Sberbank, etc.). From 2008 to 2014, she held the position of Vice President for Personnel and Volunteers of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee. Expert in personnel management of the International Olympic Committee
  • Nikolay Soustin
    Courses: "Marketing Management", "B2B marketing and Branding"
    Director of the HSE MBA Marketing Program, Director of Marketorika, Business Consultant, Visiting Lecturer at RANEPA
  • Yuri Volkov
    Courses: "Corporate Finance", "Financial Analytics", "Management Accounting", "Investment Management", "Project Evaluation"
    Senior Lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, Business Consultant, Visiting Lecturer at RANEPA
  • Konstantin Orlov
    Course: "Financial Management". Moderator of business simulations, facilitator of interactive and game learning methods
    Co-owner of Natico Solutions, financial consultant with ACCA, CFA, PMP MCE qualifications
  • Marina Shermet
    Courses: "Methods of business research", "Organization and people". MBTI Workshop Facilitator (Personality Typology)
    Director of the Center for Executive Education of the Center for International Programs of the RANEPA MBA, head of the track of individual projects
  • Leonid Shugurov
    Courses: "Organizational behavior and development", "Modern methods of training in the organization", "Digital transformation"
    CEO of Leonika Lab, moderator of R-2, consultant on working with executive teams
  • Ruslan Snegur
    Courses: "Negotiation strategies and Tactics", "The Art of Public Speaking", "Situational Leadership"
    Managing partner of the company "Pro-business", coach and business consultant
  • Sergey Chumak
    Courses: "Strategic Management", "Change Management", "Management Consulting"
    Academic Director of the Faculty of International Programs of the RANEPA MBA, Independent Director of the Cherkizovo Group, business consultant
  • Irina Zarina
    Courses: "Organization and people", "Technologies of personnel assessment and development to improve the efficiency of the organization"
    CEO of SHL Russia and CIS
  • Igor Kim
    Course: "Business Economic Environment"
    Visiting lecturer of RANEPA. Associate Professor of the Higher School of Economics
  • Artem Movsesian
    Course: "Digital Transformation", "Innovation and Entrepreneurship"
    Business consultant, coach, psychologist, teacher of MGIMO, RANEPA, ITMO. Mentor of Fast Track Skolkovo programs. Head of the Interdisciplinary Committee and creator of the DTM 4.0 model (Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment) at the Digital Expert Association
  • Tatiana Samsonova
    Courses: "Design Thinking", "Convergence of Technology, Business and Design", "Agile Development Management"
    CEO of SAMSONOVA & Partners, Consultant to Intel, Microsoft, ABB, Deutsche Telekom, Philips, Rostec
  • Gennady Shoshin
    Course: "Emotional intelligence and acting skills"
    Coach for the development of emotional intelligence and communication skills. Founder and director of MAJIK STUDIO and author of the unique technique of MAJIK — The skill of an actor for life and career
  • Dmitry Stapran
    Courses: "Operational Management", "Toyota Production System", supervisor of graduate diploma projects
    Director of Strategy and Operational Efficiency, PwC. Doctor of Economics
  • Vasilina Gutierrez
    Course: "Methods of business research", supervisor of graduate diploma projects
    Co-founder of the Daily Dozen research company, business consultant
  • Oleg Zhdaneev
    Course: "Strategic Management", "Alternative Energy", scientific supervisor of graduate diploma projects
    Deputy General Director — Head, Competence Center for Technological Development of the Fuel and Energy Complex, Federal State Budgetary Institution "Russian Energy Agency" (REA) of the Ministry of Energy of Russia
Business practices
  • Sergey Kolesnikov
    Invited expert of the course "Operational Management", topic: "Production system of Technonicol company"
    President of Technonicol Corporation, is in the top 100 of the Forbes list of the richest people in Russia
  • Kristina Tikhonova
    Invited expert of courses: "Leadership", "Digital technologies"
    President of Microsoft Russia, President of the Kingston Alumni Association/RANEPA
  • Viktor Semenov
    Invited expert of the course "Strategic Management"
    Founder of the Belaya Dacha Group of Companies, one of the most successful businessmen in Russia (59th place in the Forbes list), entrepreneur, philanthropist, founder of professional industry associations and charitable societies
  • Valery Borisov
    Invited expert of the course "Financial Management", topics: "Debt restructuring", "Attracting foreign investment in international markets"
    Financial Director of the ChTPZ Group of Companies
  • Ilya Yakubson
    Invited expert of the course "Strategic Management", topics: "Retail Evolution in Russia", "Integrated Strategic Solutions"
    Strategy Advisor of X5 Retail Group, former President of Dixie Group, President of Retailers of Russia
  • Dmitry Marinichev
    Invited expert of the course "Digital Transformation"
    Internet Ombudsman, owner and CEO of Radius Group
  • Irina Zarina
    Invited expert of the course "Organization and people", topic: "Technologies of personnel assessment and development to improve the efficiency of the organization"
    CEO of SHL Russia and CIS
  • Алексей Маслов
    Invited expert of courses: "Strategic Management", "Business Environment", "International Business", "How to work with China"
    Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Director of the Institute of Asian and African Countries of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Professor of the HSE School of Oriental Studies. Head of the Shaolin Martial Arts Federation. Author of books on the history and art of China. Specialist in the development of modern Asia
  • Maxim Lapin
    Invited course Expert: "Business economic environment", "Financial management", "Personal development of a manager"
    Financial Director of the Moscow Financial Exchange. An incredibly talented manager with experience in financial and manufacturing companies
  • Evgeny Shchepin
    Invited expert of the course "Organization and people", topic: "Vkusville new format of the organization and the value of corporate culture"
    Communications Director of Vkusville
  • Veronika Peshkova
    Invited course Expert: "Economic environment of business", "Financial management", "Personal development of the head", "International business"
    UN Goodwill Ambassador
  • Dmitry Peshnev-Podolsky
    Invited course Expert: "Economic environment of business", "Financial management", "Digital transformation of business"
    Chairman of the Management Board of Home Credit Bank. Work experience in BCS Bank, Gazprombank, Uralsib and Alfabank
  • Sergey Morozov
    Invited expert of the course "Digital transformation of business"
    Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Director of the NPC of Diagnostics and Telemedicine, Chief Specialist in radiation and instrumental diagnostics of DM and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District
  • Dmitry Loveyko
    Invited course Expert: "Marketing Management", "International Business"
    CEO of Animaccord Company (creator of the animated series "Masha and Medvel")
  • Ayrat Bagautdinov
    Invited expert of the course "Innovation and Entrepreneurship"
    Historian of architecture and engineering, founder of the project "Moscow through the eyes of an engineer", guide and lecturer, engineer by education. Areas of interest: Soviet avant-garde, Shukhov's designs, Art Deco, modernism, modern architecture, postmodernism, paper architecture, architectural vernacular, architecture in cinema