Options and formats of cooperation with corporate clients: from special conditions for training in open programs to the development and implementation of individual programs.

Over the past 15 years, we have been successfully conducting training for our large corporate customers.

Corporate Training



Corporate MBA and EMBA programs

Corporate MBA and EMBA

"Sber" is a Russian financial conglomerate, the largest universal bank of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe

In 2007-2010, 2 streams of the Kingston/RANEPA EMBA double degree program were implemented for middle and senior managers of Sberbank. The program is in English, the training included an exit module at Kingston University London

"EuroChem" is the largest mineral and chemical company in Russia. Manufactures and supplies mineral fertilizers, basic chemical products to all continents of the planet

In 2008-2012, 2 consecutive streams of the Kingston/RANEPA EMBA program adapted into Russian for senior managers and the personnel reserve of EuroChem were implemented. The program is in Russian, the training included an exit module at Kingston University London and Bradford School of Management, UK

Corporate customized programs

Corporate customized

"Takeda" is a global pharmaceutical company founded in Japan, with more than 235-year history of activity

In 2017-2018, a professional retraining program for the training of the personnel reserve is being implemented, developed on request and with the direct participation of the company. Training in Russian and English with translation

Short modules and strategic sessions

Short modules
and strategic sessions
and strategic

"Rosatom" is the largest nuclear power company in Russia, one of the leaders of the global nuclear industry, and makes a significant contribution to the development of fundamental and applied science

In 2017-2018, short modules were implemented, developed at the request and with the direct participation of Rosatom State Corporation, for the development of the personnel reserve of the state corporation, as well as strategic sessions with senior managers

"Skoltech" (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) is a key educational and research structure of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Fundamental
and applied research, Master's and doctoral programs

In 2018, strategic sessions for senior management were implemented, developed at the request of Skoltech, as well as team building modules for the top team, including program elements Leadership Challenge

Our team teachers of School includes the best Russian practical teacher, international teachers, business leaders and company executives

We have the best teachers

best teachers
We have the
  • Prof. Desmond Doran
    Operational Management
  • Prof. Giulio Toscani
    Digital transformation
  • Dr. Neil Whitehead
    Design thinking.
    Development of creativity
  • Juliana Topazly
    Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Prof. Phillip Samouel
    Date of the analyst.
    Strategic management
  • John Peters
    Creative solutions in business.
    Leadership of the New Age
  • Dr. Jonathan Gander
    Strategic management.
    Creative thinking.
    Comprehensive strategic solutions
  • Tatiana Yakovleva
    Personal effectiveness of the manager
  • Igor Mushakov
    IT for business
  • Vasily Shelkovoy
    Operational management.
    Lean manufacturing technologies
  • Ruslan Yusufov
    Digital transformation
  • Marina Pochinok
    Leadership maturity.
    Organizational behavior and development.
    Creative solutions for business
  • Leonid Shugurov
    Organizational behavior and development.
    Modern methods of training in the organization
  • Konstantin Orlov
    Financial management.
    Business simulations, interactive and game-based learning methods
  • Sergey Kolesnikov
    Operational Management
  • Kristina Tikhonova
    Digital technologies
  • Ilya Yakubson
    Strategic management
  • Viktor Semenov
    Strategic Manager
  • Valery Borisov
    Financial management
  • Tatiana Samsonova
    Design thinking, Convergence of technology, business and design, Agile Development Management