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MBA "Transformation"

The director and developer of the Transformation MBA is Andrey Purtov, who has significant experience in strategy, marketing, business education and consulting. The program is held at the RANEPA FSN Center for International Programs (Kingston /RANEPA brand), which has been among the leaders of the business education market in Russia for more than 25 years Russia and has international AMBA accreditation. More than 2,500 graduates have completed our programs, many of whom are among the best managers in Russia every year.

The MBA program "Transformation" combined the competencies of the best professors and teachers of business schools with the experience of leaders whose companies are on the "frontier" of industries and business challenges.

We are waiting for managers who do not just want to "administer" a business, but are looking for ways to transform a company, business unit or function by finding and realizing opportunities for both rapid growth and strategic development. The program also creates all the conditions for a deep personal transformation.


MBA Трансформация

Modular format: 10 modules, including a field expedition module

The cost of the program:
For 2023-2025, the cost of the program is 1.150.000 rubles, payment for semesters. There is a system of discounts depending on the date of the number of participants from the company and the payment date. Special conditions for winners and finalists of the "Leaders of Russia" contest — 1,000,000 rubles.

Convenient training schedule: 1 module lasting 6 days every 2 months

Duration: 19 months

Teaching language:
The program is implemented in Russian.

Education document:

Diploma "Master of Business Administration " MBA Transformation" RANEPA
Registered international certificate of AMVA

Group consulting project for a real customer

Focus on business transformation or its functions in each module of the program

Practice-oriented project training

A team of teaching practitioners who have both managerial and consulting experience, and are at the peak of their careers

Meetings with experts, managers and entrepreneurs in each module of the program

Consultations on program courses and project work

Individual diploma project to solve a complex business problem for your company

All the conditions for a deep personal transformation as a person and a professional

Program structure

The program administration reserves the right to make changes to the program

Admission to the program

на программу

A copy of the diploma of higher education;

Conditions of admission to the program

Package of documents and admission procedure


A copy of the general passport;

Interview/motivational interview

Motivation to learn

Managerial experience of at least 3 years;

Higher education;

Successful completion of the interview;

A copy of SNILS;

Motivational essay;

Our team of School teachers includes the best Russian practical teachers, international teachers, business leaders and company executives

We have the best teachers

У нас лучшие

Any questions? Call, write:

Andrey Purtov

Program Director