Alumni Stories

The "Leaders of Russia" say: you need to have the courage to change your life

Alexey, in 2019, after participating in the "Leaders of Russia" competition, you came to the Russian-language EMBA program of the Kingston/RANEPA Business School. What was important when choosing a program?

When I became a finalist in the Leaders of Russia 2019 contest, I had no doubts about how I would spend my educational grant. The choice was obvious – EMBA. But there is a significant nuance here: it was important for me to choose an EMBA program that has the most applied format tied to the current business realities. It was the applied focus on real business, and not theoretical training, that predetermined the choice of the educational trajectory for me personally.

I recently reread my motivational essay, which I wrote when applying for the program. It was necessary to answer first of all to myself a simple question, why should I study again? It's as if everything is there: two university degrees, a rich 23-year professional experience in the banking sector, I've seen a lot of things, I've worked with a lot of people. I found the answer to this question in an active life position, an indifferent attitude to what is happening to you and around you, motivation for maximum self-realization and, as a result, the need for constant development. I will repeat one of the theses from my essay: "today you are who you made yourself yesterday, and tomorrow you will be who you make yourself today"! And this is a very important point: many people, having mastered any skills, gained additional knowledge, having reached career heights, suddenly stop for some reason, lose motivation for further development and moving forward, plunge into that very "comfort zone" ... and lose their successful TOMORROW!

There have been significant changes in your career during your studies at the program. Tell me about them.

Since 2013, I have lived and worked in the city of Novosibirsk. And this year in the spring I received an offer to move to the Far East and head the Primorsky branch of the Rosselkhoznadzor. And for a month now I have been living and working in a very beautiful city of Vladivostok. I accepted this chance and challenge at the same time! You need to have the courage to change your life, get up at one moment and go 5 thousand kilometers from your home to a new professional project. This courage is inherent in everyone who is ready for development, for moving forward, for a real drive!

Alexey, you have been studying for almost a year at the EMBA program in Russian. What are your most vivid impressions during the period of study at the program?

During the first year of study , I would highlight three of the most striking moments:

THE FIRST is, of course, the people with whom I have the joy and pleasure to communicate, this is the Kingston/RANEPA team, teachers and our wonderful study group! Every time I come to the session, I experience an indescribable feeling from the opportunity to communicate very closely and efficiently with colleagues, exchange opinions, experience, and best practices. We have a very diverse group: it has representatives from different fields and areas of activity. That is why all our training sessions are held in vivid emotional discussions, when on one issue you have the opportunity to get opinions and assessments from very different professional points of view. It's really enriching! Every time the training module ends, we leave with regret that everything ended so quickly. And looking forward to our next meeting.

THE SECOND is the atmosphere created at the Kingston/RANEPA Business School, a kind of fusion of the academicity of a higher educational institution and a certain emotional freedom inherent in the business community. When you get to school, you realize that you didn't just come to study, you came to develop. And school is the very resource that will help you achieve your goals. But how effectively this resource will be used, to the maximum extent depends only on yourself!

THE THIRD is from the plane of internal emotions. Bright and insanely delightful feelings you experience from the fact that you have become a student again. A student, with all the attributes inherent in him (especially emotional). It was completely unexpected for me, but really very positive and exciting! And now, of course, I want this state to last as long as possible!

Who would you recommend studying at the EMBA program?

Of course, this program is primarily for those who have already taken place as a professional in a particular field. EMBA is not an academic educational basis. EMBA is about development. If you want to pump yourself and your "skills", if you want to mentally, emotionally, intellectually reboot, if you clearly understand what you are going to in life, if self-development is not just words for you, but an everyday component, then you are on EMBA!

Alexey, what is the essence of the EMBA program for you?

Kingston/RANEPA EMBA is a business workshop where today you shape yourself for tomorrow.