Publications SIBE (16-20)

MBA/EMBA March Module- Strategic Management

From my very childhood I loved to play chess with my father and was always keen to defeat him. I was slowly learning the moves to be on the chess war field, hardly understanding that in management it is called strategy. “The term strategy is derived indirectly from the Classic and Byzantine (330 A.D.) Greek strategos, which means general”. Well we all studied and know the story of the Trojan horse which is quoted as a strategic war game played by the Greek warriors to enter Troy. It was a great strategic move to enter a city in belly of a wooden horse and capture the city. Today Trojan is a computer code too which disrupts computer’s programming in minutes. Today organizations need to take full benefit of the prospects open to them, and anticipate and prepare for the future at all levels. Amplified competition in the business world, digitalization and fast changes InTechnology and globalization have honed the focus on the need for companies to develop and implement vigorous competitive strategies. Our MBA program equips students to understand that strategy is a proposition or hypothesis. It should be accurately diagnosed in a way where you can see the problem or the root cause. After that you set case solving rules and an action plan which will deliver the strategy to practice. During this important module the students had an understanding of Strategic planning: developing and evaluating alternative strategies and selecting strategies including the effective use of appropriate tools and techniques. Scenario planning was taught so that the students understand and explore steps for each move would require and be obligatory to their implementation.
Simulation: Learning by doing, peer-to-peer teaching, mastery over experience….
We had a mind blowing and engaging strategy simulation with our students. Simulation helps to understand the real business and economic environment. They argued and debated on which of the business units identified as forecasts for breakout performance. The students had a unique chance to assess the potential of supply chain management as a management approach for contributing to the sturdiness of business strategy and allowing to implement them in a nuanced way to an unanticipated situation.
Our Students said:
Eugene Scheklanov- Sber Life Insurance, Administrative Director
“The module gave me a lot of information about strategic planning. I found new ways of thinking (blue ocean way, new directions of environment). The game was amazing. We made a strategy and tried to hold it (low cost production). But after 3-4 periods we realized that we need a lot of time to develop our production. So, our strategy didn’t get us good results. But we found a lot of interesting insights and good knowledge on how to rule international business.”
Dr. Vladimir Vasiliev- Smith & Nephew, Regional Sales Manager
We were all looking forward to the final module in the program on strategic management. Given our career managerial ambitions, this module was of particular interest and an opportunity to test our knowledge, skills and abilities acquired during the previous 9 modules. From the first rounds of the game, our team showed the best result due to the ability to work in a team, an important skill gained during the training in the program, the distribution of responsibility given strong competencies and collective decision-making. With each round, the game became more exciting and competitive. In the last rounds, it became clear that the team that will most effectively apply and execute the chosen strategy and be able to make the best decision on product, marketing, distribution, HR, production, finance, etc. will win. We got great pleasure from the game, from communicating with each other, from the knowledge and skills gained during this sharp competitive competition with worthy rivals.
Winning team: Alexander Efimov, Natalya Zemskova, Inna Grigoryan, Tatiana Makarenko, Vladimir Vasiliev.
Looking at these photographs I just remembered Beatles: “It's been a hard day's night
And I've been working like a dog, it’s been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log” …
Stay tuned with us and remember that it is not about winning or losing but about Clear vision, Definitive priorities, Team alignment, Specific direction, and Implementation You need to understand the cold tough realities about what really drives value.
Think about it and Strategic Nirvana is yours!
Dr. Mitali Mittra
Director MBA Program