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MBA December Module- Management Consultancy

What’s Sizzling in Russia? Seizing the Russian Business Opportunity
Cold Russian winter and challenging Management Consultancy module made the students very active in the class. I always believe that Management Consulting is not just a profession but a bouquet full of skills, sleepless nights, hard work and rewards of course. You always learn from intelligent and driven peers. MBA or any business course teaches to acquire more business knowledge and then only you can help companies reach their goals.

The students got divided in teams and were looking at different companies for their new projects. They were advised to have an inclination for strategic thinking, resolve some data analysis, critical thinking and feasibility for improvement and see a clear path forward.
Master Classes helps to focus on the journey which is always rewarding
As usual this module had wonderful master classes and students had an enriching experience.
The only way to understand the consulting market is to have conversations with consultants who are from the field and work with clients solving their problems. A meaningful master class was started in a McKinsey Way by Sergey Ivakin, an Ex McKinsey and Director in the Marketing Team of SberBank.The starting mantra was “The essence of the initial hypothesis is “Figure out the solution to the problem before you start.” This seems counterintuitive, yet you do it all the time.” ― Ethan M. Rasiel, The McKinsey Way. Different examples from business were given by the speaker to show how consultancy process works and then improvements are suggested for their overall operations.
Government relations play a vital role in the success of any organization. Brednikov Roman Nikolaevich (Member of the Management Board, First Deputy General Director, PJSC RusHydro)visited RANEPA to talk to our students on Interaction with federal executive authorities as a mechanism for structuring projects. It is a giant energy company of Russia with numerous initiatives on social responsibility.
Alumni Experience Sharing with MBA students
Our business school believes that students should continue to benefit from our vast and varied network long after they leave. We highly appreciate our alumni for all their endless support. They even come from different regions of Russia to share their experience and do master classes for our business school and students.
Our alumni Olga Grigoreeva and Natalia Suetova who finished their MBA with distinction visited their Alma Mater and shared their experience of a successful journey through consultancy projects. Both of them pointed out about team collaboration and time management which involves planning and executing tasks within certain deadlines. They explained that critical thinking is the ability to process information and make informed judgments on a particular subject that the students will be dealing in. This module was very informative and useful as whether you are seeking your competitive edge across local or international markets, identifying new investment opportunities, or analyzing the Russian market potential for a reason, following the consulting rules and using business intelligence.
Our Dean Dr. Margarita Perepelitsa prepared Pilaf for lunch for the students. Our mouth operated faster than brain- well our students deserved this BONUS. It was fun and great networking.

Management is all about estimation of time frames so friends do you hear the jingling of bells, snow clad forests and our dear Santa Clause waiting for us.

Santa Clause is coming to town…… A very happy and prosperous New Year to you All. May this New Year bring for your business many new projects to prosper. I am in a New Year mood so…….. see you in 2023!
Dr. Mitali Mittra
Director MBA Program