Kingston/RANEPA graduates are back in the lead

The Kingston/RANEPA Faculty of International MBA Programs trains real leaders in management who are ready to face a whole range of new opportunities and challenges, technological, economic, social and political.
We always follow the success of graduates with interest – after all, this is the only way to judge the true benefits of the Faculty's programs.

A new reason for joy and pride was given to us by Daria Semenova, a graduate of the Kingston Global CIPD HRM Masters program, who made it to the Superfinal of the Leaders of Russia 2021 competition.

The competition "Leaders of Russia" has become almost "native" for the Faculty of international MBA programs Kingston/RANEPA. Finalists and winners of the competition come to our programs every year. Alexey Komissarov, a graduate of the Kingston/RANEPA MBA program, is the General Director of the ANO "Russia is a Country of Opportunities", whose key project is this competition, and Oksana Achkasova, a graduate of the post–MBA Advanced management program of the Kingston/RANEPA Faculty of International MBA Programs, is leading the competition.

Daria Semenova, leaving behind more than 90 applicants from all over Russia, became the winner of the track "Culture" of the fourth season of the competition "Leaders of Russia" – the project of the platform "Russia is a country of opportunities".
Daria participated in the competition together with her husband Nikita Semenov, and, interestingly, this year a married couple took part in the competition "Leaders of Russia" for the first time and won.

After passing a series of distance tests, Daria and Nikita went from St. Petersburg to face-to-face competitions. During the evaluation day, participants in teams solved management cases, offered solutions to topical problems that cultural and educational institutions face daily. According to the test results, 14 participants from 4 regions of Russia became the winners of the track "Culture".

We believe that the experience of studying at the Kingston Global CIPD HR Masters program gave Daria the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve such high results: in addition to participating in the Leaders of Russia competition, Daria made a powerful leap in her career after graduation, becoming the Head of Internal Communications and Corporate Culture at Rusatom Cargo (Rosatom), in addition, Daria joined the Executive Committee of the Kingston/RANEPA Alumni Association.
"Thanks to the Kingston Global CIPD HR Masters program, I acquired not only knowledge in the field of personnel management, but also improved my understanding of leadership, team management and changes. Our studies have allowed us to develop a "helicopter view" for any task that confronts you. And such a strategic thinking skill in the conditions of VUCA world is simply necessary for the leader of the XXI century," commented Daria.

Congratulations to Daria on her victory, good luck in the Superfinal and we are sure that our graduates are able to reach the most desired heights!