SUMMER INTERNSHIPS - 2022 in the MBA and EMBA programs

Summer is traditionally the time for internships at the MBA and EMBA programs. While new international internship directions are just being determined, we didn't waste any time and went to study the "best management practices and iconic enterprises" of our country. The summer series of business internships-2022 includes visits to St. Petersburg and the Samara Region.
Peter is especially beautiful during the period of white nights, when the scent of flowering lime trees spreads over the city, and the weather is pleasing. Our internship took place at the end of May and included a program of a wide variety of visits:
  • international companies that, no matter what, continue to work in Russia, for obvious reasons, I will not call the companies  , I will mention only the Astoria Hotel;
  • large Russian enterprises  — what is the Kirov Plant alone worth!
  • dynamically developing Russian companies (Rostelecom, Isotherm);
  • social organizations ("Anton is here nearby").
The brightest moments of the internship in   St. Petersburg:
  • Students of 3 study groups went to the internship at once  - it turned out to be an excellent mix and   expansion of networking.
  • The participants got acquainted with practical examples of the implementation of the principles of "Industry 4.0", the creation of automated production, as well as the influence of corporate culture, leadership style on the principles of the activities of Russian and international enterprises.
  • A special impression is the powerful drive of the Kirov Plant: modern workshops, work with innovations, aspiration, flow of creative energy that comes from all the leaders with whom the group communicated.
  • The elegant elegance of the legendary Astoria Hotel and its head, an Austrian who shared with the participants his secrets of success and leadership.
  • And at the end of the program — team yachting on the Gulf of Finland: beautiful iconic views, setting sail and a leisurely conversation with the captain about the features of sailing over the three seas.
St. Petersburg is also a vibrant cultural program after the main business visits. Here the choice is varied and depends on personal preferences: to see the bridges, visit the unique St. Petersburg museums or the Mariinsky Theater or to get poisoned with   friends on a gastronomic tour and   become a restaurant expert of St. Petersburg.
Peter passed the baton to the July internship in Samara. The internship took place in the framework of the Kingston/RANEPA Alumni Club, and it was attended by graduates and today's students of the School's programs — which is valuable in itself, as it allows graduates to stay in the information and event space. business schools.
Samara surprised — this is probably a concentrated expression of the general impression of the internship. I was surprised by the scope, the involvement of the regional administration (the internship took place with the participation of Governor Dmitry Azarov) in the  issues of training and  development, exchange of experience at   all levels, a rich history that we   do not  quite know, and  also quite tangible prospects and  opportunities.
Highlights of the internship in Samara and the Samara region:
  • Well-coordinated work of the Governor Dmitry Azarov's team, active involvement in all processes, including the development of young managers, participants of the Leaders of Russia contest and not only.
  • In Russia there are very cool modern advanced automated enterprises, which we don't know much about. LADA FLEX in Togliatti is an example of such an enterprise. Lada Flex produces industrial fans, complex technological equipment, which is installed in the metro of St. Petersburg and ... London.
  • We could not ignore AvtoVAZ and on one of the days we visited this landmark enterprise, for a long time and  openly communicated with the Vice President of the automobile concern, which employs about 43,000 employees. I was struck by the openness and calm determination of the top manager of the enterprise, which in a short time is forced to find a solution to complex problems.
  • At the Progress RCC, space rockets are assembled in white coats, it's amazing to look at the various stages and details of rockets that will soon be in outer space. The company has a heroic history: from the factory evacuated in the years of the Great Patriotic War for the production of aircraft to the creation of spacecraft in our days.
  • We learned a lot of unexpected facts: the production of Zhiguli beer, a symbol of Soviet and Russian brewing, was founded by an Austrian, Alfred Filippovich von Vacano; "zhiguli" are river pirates who hunted on the Volga. The more surprising it seems to be a marketing move to create a brand "Lada" for a car or not?
The gastronomic tour started in St. Petersburg was continued in Samara. The Livingston restaurant received an absolute Michelin from the group — for the chic author's dishes and the authentic atmosphere of Africa in the very center of Samara. In general, Samara surprised with the number and quality of recreation places and restaurants. Many of which are created with great taste and a sense of humor, so, right in front of the Regional Administration is the iconic restaurant Beerocracy.
In the next summer season, we will continue to study our country and its advanced and iconic enterprises, and in the fall we are going to  foreign internships  — the September program in  Malaysia is already ready, and there and#Brazil is not behind the mountains!
Feedback from participants of the internship in Samara and the Samara region
Marina Sheremet
Director of Executive Education
Faculty of International MBA Programs (Kingston/RANEPA brand)
Feedback from participants of the internship in Samara and the Samara region
Dmitry Vingovatov,
Gazpromneft, Program Manager, Saint Petersburg;
finalist of the competition "Leaders of Russia", EMBA-2020.

"I was very impressed by the attitude in the region to the development and training at all levels: starting from the boiling point at the SamSMU for the preparation of schoolchildren for the medical university to the organization of the All-Russian Forum for managers, and  also the importance that the Governor and government leaders attach to this and their personal participation
Elena Soldatova,
Stavropol Management Company, Executive Director;
finalist of the competition "Leaders of Russia", EMBA-2021.

"A vivid impression of visiting Samara was left by how carefully and lovingly the historical appearance of the city is preserved and restored! Interesting walking routes surprise with numerous objects of cultural heritage, which are here, literally, at every step! And each building has its own unique style, architectural appearance, history of creation! I would like to consider, study, learn more about those who created them and those who lived in them! Especially valuable for me was the acquaintance with an enthusiastic team of professionals, led by the Governor of the region Dmitry Igorevich Azarov, people who multiply the glory of the Samara land, working for the benefit of the inhabitants of their region and the whole of Russia, continuing the glorious traditions of previous generations!"
Taisiya Bataeva,
MFC "My documents", Director of the center, Yakutsk;
finalist of the competition "Leaders of Russia", EMBA-2018.

"Thank you for the warm welcome and intense internship! Everything was perfectly organized! Samara is impressive: a beautiful city, wonderful residents! Further development and prosperity to your region!"
Natalia Nasonkina,
LLC "Zetta Insurance", Director of the Department, St. Petersburg;
finalist of the competition "Leaders of Russia", EMBA-2018.

"Thank you for the rich program, interesting meetings and the opportunity to feel the rhythm of Samara. Meetings with the governor, representatives of employers, resources of the Tavolga Center were very interesting and useful. Now it is very important for everyone to know that the future of our country depends on our personal position! I can say that in Samara, with activity and  positive attitude, everything is in order! I would like to wish you further development, leadership in the initiatives that have already been launched and are planned! Inexhaustible energy and drive! Special thanks to our wonderful support group! Everything is very clear, organized, friendly! I think that now we will all be watching with special interest how your region is changing and what new things you have come up with. Good luck!"