Kingston/RANEPA on top of Elbrus!

"Mountains are a way, but the goal is the person himself. The ultimate meaning is not in reaching mountain peaks, but in improving a person. Climbing makes sense only if a person remains in the focus of attention."
Walter Bonatti

Elbrus is the pearl of the Caucasus, proudly towering over the surrounding mountains, its greatness challenging the brave men who dare to climb it to the very top.

Climbing Elbrus is a truly difficult task, subject only to a truly strong spirit and experienced climbers, which Pavel Klepinin, a graduate of the program "EMBA in Russian", the Faculty of International MBA Programs Kingston/RANEPA, Winner of the All-Russian management competition "Leaders of Russia" 2019, Founder of the Club of IT&Digital Directors "I am IT-s".

August 21, 2021. Pavel conquered the Western peak of Elbrus (5642m), over which the Kingston/RANEPA flag now proudly flies!

In a conversation with us, Pavel drew parallels between studying at the EMBA program and climbing Elbrus:
" - Getting an MBA degree and climbing Elbrus are achievements of such a level that can really dramatically change the vector of your professional and personal development and which you can later be proud of throughout your life;
- Both events require serious preparation, effort, concentration and time.
- Networking is very important, thanks to which you can more deeply understand and understand the people around you
- Both within the framework of the EMBA program and when climbing Elbrus, a person gets to know himself more deeply and acquires new skills that contribute to the transformation of consciousness."

We are sincerely proud of Pavel and wish him further success and conquering new heights!