March MBA EMBA Training Modules

The March training modules on strategic management, digital marketing and operational management were successfully completed at the Kingston/RANEPA MBA and Executive MBA programs. Despite the difficult geopolitical situation and its peculiarities, the Faculty of International MBA Programs manages to maintain a hybrid training format that has justified itself – Kingston professors and teachers read their courses online as usual, and invited speakers from different business sectors conduct live master classes in classrooms on Prechistenka.

In response to the huge interest on the part of the audience in the development of business with Russia-friendly countries, Andre Ripple, Head of the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Embassy of Brazil in Russia, became a foreign guest of the module.

Brazil is one of the few countries that have not joined the sanctions regime imposed against Russia, and the diversity of potential areas of cooperation is reflected in Andre's extensive report. During the interactive master class, which included information about the history of the country, those present were convinced that there is a lot in common between the two countries.

Among the priority sectors of cooperation are biotechnology, nuclear energy, healthcare, oil and gas, agriculture. Brazil pays special attention to digital technologies. As Andre noted, the country's development institutions are interested in developing cooperation with Russia, and the similarities in the ecosystem for innovation and mentality cause the emergence of new growth points for both countries.

Vladimir Zabolotsky, a student of the EMBA Kingston/RANEPA program, Financial Director of MMK Metalurji Sanayi Ve Liman Işletmeciliği A.Ş.:
"Andre Ripl's presentation is an excellent example of a great performance. The ability to speak, to give the public the necessary information, to evoke an emotional response. The ability to respond quickly to requests..."

As part of the digital marketing module, Oksana Kosachenko, President of the Sistema Charitable Foundation, Senior Investment Director of PJSC AFK Sistema, addressed the audience.

The first woman who managed to be the manager of a Russian Formula 1 pilot, Daniil Kvyat, who has a wealth of experience in the field of sports marketing and promotion in her arsenal, Oksana focused the audience's attention on specific business cases and marketing tasks that Russia currently faces in the face of increasing sanctions and restrictions.

In the format of a lively and vivid dialogue, the speaker and the participants discussed the tools for shaping the image of sports teams, the peculiarities of cultural differences between countries and their impact on the marketing strategy of business. In conclusion, Oksana noted the special role of correct and targeted marketing in the era of uncertainty, citing several relevant examples from the practice of leading Russian companies.

Igor Jiang-Ning-Tsai, a student of the EMBA Kingston/RANEPA program, General Director of Shenzhen Primer Trade Co, Ltd:
"Oksana's master class on sports management was very impressive! Very valuable information about the corporate cuisine of high sports, the passions of Formula 1, etc., which you will not find anywhere! Awakens consciousness and immerses the listener in understanding how the invisible forces that set this world in motion work!"

Of particular interest and recognition was the speech of Mikhail Khomich, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Udmurtia, responsible for the export and promotion of the region. He presented to the audience his strategic vision and experience in creating and developing the Udmurtia brand. For example, the participants of the master class learned that one of the national traits of the Udmurts that influenced the marketing strategy of the region is modesty, and at the same time, 11% of the Russian coffee market for the HORECA sector is occupied by the Udmurt company.

Alexey Loginov, a student of the EMBA Kingston/RANEPA program, Director of JSC Far East and Arctic Development Corporation:
"Mikhail's bright and emotional speech focused not only on successful cases, but also on the difficulties and failures that had to be faced and overcome on the way to achieving the initial goals, and Udmurtia, no more no less, it is in the top 3 regions in terms of business comfort and export activity."

Traditionally, the most important role in the MBA and EMBA programs is assigned to the Strategic Management course. The audience was incredibly inspired, having received a new energy boost for motivation from meetings with Sergey Chumak, an expert practitioner with 10 years of international experience in strategic consulting (among his clients are such large companies as Coca Cola, Unilever, VSAP, Sibur Holding and many others) and Elena Dugina, an expert in international level in the field of communications and management.

The author's master classes conducted in a mixed format for two streams of MBA and EMBA programs, on the one hand, contained information about classical approaches and business cases of strategy formation, and on the other hand, tools and approaches were proposed that allow finding new growth points and interesting directions in conditions of turbulence and "new normality". Among the important points noted by the listeners themselves were the importance of consensus at the management level regarding the stages of strategy implementation in the company and the general trend towards shortening the implementation time of strategic decisions observed everywhere.

A master class from the managers of Zielinski & Rozen in the framework of digital marketing was truly fantastic. Alexey Mamin, Development Director of Zielinski & Rozen and Mikhail Andreev, Strategy Director of Zielinski & Rozen told a dramatic, but at the same time successful personal story of the transformation of a small Israeli company into one of the most recognizable perfume brands in Russia.
Also speakers of the Russian part of the March module program were Alla Seregina, Marketing Director of Metropolis; Evgeny Kharitonov, Managing Partner of BME Group; Pavel Mikhin, CEO of Railcomp and others.

The March training modules, filled to the highest degree with useful knowledge, ideas and meetings, have come to an end, but the team of the Faculty of International MBA Programs at RANEPA has already begun to form new educational programs for Russian managers, taking into account the reorientation to new business areas and country priorities.