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MBA/EMBA Kingston/RANEPA: summing up the results of 2021!

Business visits and master classes
Against the background of the temporary suspension of international internships due to the global pandemic, the "line" of business visits and master classes has significantly expanded, thanks to which students of English-language programs have the opportunity to meet with leading companies, both domestic and international, represented by top managers, experts, business consultants and understand how advanced international practices are implemented locally, what successes and risks should be expected in the "new normality". We note fruitful cooperation with Microsoft, SAP, Kaspersky, Yandex, interesting visits to the KALIBR Technopark and Moscow CARGO.

Management Consultancy Projects
At the English-language MBA and EMBA programs, group consulting projects have been implemented and are actively developing as a final qualification work. The customers of these projects are real companies: Sberbank PJSC, Zarubezhneft JSC, Volga-Dnepr JSC, Allergan Aesthetics, Factory 5, Delivery Club, HAYS, SAP CIS, Brunswick Rail and many others. It is important to note that graduates invariably receive not only high marks, but also recognition of the results by the top management of client companies.

Despite the coronavirus restrictions, I decided to attend Kingston Summer School in September 2021 and did not regret it at all. Kingston upon Thames is a calm and extraordinarily beautiful area located in south-west London. Here you will find picturesque nature and architecture preserved from ancient times. All 30 minutes by train, and you are in the center of London - at London Waterloo Railway station. Kingston Business School is located in a forest and park area, and my way from the hotel to the campus ran daily through the English forest, where you can easily meet not only squirrels, but also deer. The modules held at Kingston Business School were distinguished by a friendly atmosphere of cooperation and live communication. Interesting lectures, experience working in groups with students from all over the world, the opportunity to communicate with teachers also outside the university, walking around London with visiting museums as part of the educational process – all this left the most wonderful and unforgettable memories. I had a great and useful time coming home with new ideas.
Nikolay Obraztsov, (MBA batch 2020), Entrepreneur, owner and manager

From September 6 to 17, the long-awaited trip of graduates of the MBA 2021 program to the full-time summer module at Kingston University took place. The guys optimistically overcame all the difficulties and limitations associated with Covid-19, were happy to attend 2 full-time courses - Corporate Finance and Innovation Finance at Kingston University, an event of the Association of graduates of Kingston University MBA programs and got acquainted with the sights of London. According to the guys, the experience gained and the acquired knowledge (skills) became the highlight of completing the MBA 2021 training program and proved that everything is possible during Covid-19!
Victoria Parasotskaya, MBA Graduate with Distinction 2021

Studying in the UK was initially an important advantage of enrolling in the Kingston MBA program. I enrolled in 2020, and then it seemed that I was even lucky: the pandemic would definitely end in a year, everyone would get vaccinated, the borders would open. Whatever it is! By the summer of 2021, the situation, of course, stabilized, but it did not take the form I had hoped for at all: along with the mandatory "self-isolation" (in the United Kingdom, they also came up with special soft terms that do not change the essence) for visitors from Russia, I needed to switch off from Moscow life for a whole month. However, the university really did a lot to make the trip happen, and I decided that it was unwise to wait for the end of the pandemic. After all, making decisions in conditions of lack of information is exactly what they teach in the program, so I didn't hesitate for a long time. Everything went surprisingly calmly — during the pandemic, I settled in a guest house near Kingston and was received as a dear guest and my landlords treated my situation with all understanding and surrounded me with incredible care, which will long remain one of the most pleasant memories of the year. And when the 2 weeks ended, I got exactly what I wanted in full — studying as a full-fledged student at a British university with the opportunity to communicate closely with teachers and students from all over the world. If I found myself in this situation again, I would do exactly the same.
Yuri Marin, MBA Stage 2 (Batch 2020)

In October, we welcomed new and returning students through our doors, allowing for young managers to start their life journey. The MBA journey is the first step to the next phase of your life journey. The students enjoyed the Team Building session. Education is one part of the experience. As your understanding develops, you’ll find that almost everything is connected. The better your understanding, the more the connectivity.

Egor Orel, Executive Director of GLK Robotics LLC
I thought about studying for the MBA program after the competition "Leaders of Russia". My academic background lies entirely in the technical field, so the main goal here is to gain strong fundamental knowledge in the management of business processes and teams, as well as to work side by side with talented and successful students and teachers. During the Big Data module, Denis Kasimov, CEO of Factory5, gave an evening lecture. The meeting was devoted to the application of big data analysis in real industry. It turned out to be a frank conversation about the possibilities and limitations of using end-to-end technologies in practice. There is a lot of talk about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies, but not everyone can get to the bottom of it, remaining at the level of everyday discussion. Eureka! It turns out that it is possible! In Factory5, people monetize the pure engineering knowledge that they give at the university! If such approaches to solving life problems were told in the first year of a technical university, most of my classmates would associate a career with an engineering specialty! And managers will need this knowledge when making decisions about hiring employees and business development. It was very helpful!

Exchange of experience from Prof., Academician Abel Aganbegyan
Professor Aganbegyan often visits our business school and shares his experience with students. This unplanned consultation meeting was amazing, as the number of people was limited, and we could listen to the professor's good and valuable ideas about the pharmaceutical industry. As you move up the career ladder, you will realize that while listening to conversations is extremely valuable, conversations in the hallway can be even more fruitful. Statistics on the pharmaceutical industry were on his lips, and, believe me, he doesn't need to plan anything. Our graduates, Dr. Ilya Nechaev, head of the therapeutic direction of cancer immunotherapy at Hoffmann-La Roche, was completely absorbed in the discussion. Professor Abel Aganbegyan also awarded him an academic degree. Our internal conversation, which was very pleasant and brought professional satisfaction.

Kingston/RANEPA Alumni goes live!
In October 2021, a solemn "restart" of the work of the Alumni Association and the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the international programs of Kingston University London/RANEPA took place. During the event, a scientific and practical conference and an evening cultural program on Strategic Networking were held.

The way we study!
The December training module "Organizations and Management in a Global Context" was remembered for interactive business simulations, high involvement and dynamics of group work, as well as master classes from new speakers of the business school Sergey Klykov and Oleg Kalinsky, who were extremely highly appreciated by the listeners of our programs. Oleg Kalinsky, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Director of the Institute of Economics and Management of Industrial Enterprises of NUST MISIS and Director of GR Uralkali presented the author's view on quantitative and qualitative methods of assessing the company's business reputation through the prism of ESG during the master class "Manage business reputation or lose".

In turn, Sergey Klykov, Ph.D. in Economics, CEO of VIRIDIAN Group and FOODCODE, who was included in the top 250 CEOs of the rating of the Association of Managers of Russia and the Kommersant Publishing House, surprisingly accessible and fascinating told us about his many years of experience in transforming organizational cultures in various conditions (shareholders, goals, the life cycle of the company, the scope and scale of business, etc.). According to Sergey, the leader is the conductor of the culture of the organization, which indicates the system-forming role of the CEO in the transformation of the organization and its culture. "First-hand" we learned how to choose a CEO according to goals and values; what to do if the values do not match; how to find "your" company; how to become a "tribal leader"; how business value and financial results are related to the level of culture in the company; what are "dysfunctional cultures" and how they lead to the collapse of the business.

MBA Mind Blowing Final Results 2021
We want to bid farewell to December with some fantastic news, and the satisfaction of earning all the rewards around the hard graft, enthusiasm and passion invested in developing our MBA students. Our 2019 MBA batch final results are in now from the exam board and we are very happy to see such a great performance from our students at all levels of ability.

Twenty-two MBA students
have been awarded the DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION with DISTINCTION by the Assessment Board.

December — Jingle Bells Jingle Bells!
As we approach the end of 2021, our Dean wished all of our students, a restful winter break. Despite the challenges of this year, 2021 has been a triumph for our business school. Dr. Margarita Perepelitsa said to the students:
«Whatever the new year has in store, we’ll be in it together. The new year brings in new opportunities, but I am forever grateful that all those changes will include having you all by my side. A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you All».

See you in 2022!