SIEMENS, SEW-EURODRIVE, HENKEL, Polytech and more – autumn internship in St. Petersburg ADVANCED MANAGEMENT programs of the Faculty of International MBA Programs Kingston/RANEPA

On October 15-17, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region hosted an internship for students of the program, finalists and winners of the competition "Leaders of Russia", ADVANCED MANAGEMENT ION RANEPA. It is not the first time that the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce has acted as a partner of the Kingston/RANEPA international programs for the organization of this internship.

The internship program was intense: a visit to SIEMENS Gas Turbine Technology and discussion of the localization project for the local market, a visit to the YIT Industrial Park and acquaintance with the concept of Light Industrial on the example of the Skladprom project.

A visit to SEW-EURODRIVE and discussion of the implementation of the principles of Industry 4.0 in the company, as well as communication with its charismatic and energetic CEO caused a highly positive response and satisfaction among the participants. "Fire," the participants of the internship wrote in the chat, "Production 4.0 is on the way, with such a CEO it will definitely soon be a reality!".

For three days, the participants visited Henkel, the Swiss technopark Mobahaus, discussed cultural urbanization and new approaches to the development of territories while getting acquainted with the New Holland project, listened to a visionary lecture by Alexey Borovkov, Vice-rector for Promising Projects of SPbPU, and also got acquainted with the practical work of the Polytechnic laboratories on additive technologies and industrial data streaming systems.

St. Petersburg, as never before, was pleased with the weather, warm sunny days and the Neva flooded with evening lights – this is how St. Petersburg remained in the photos of the participants.
Despite the richness and content, the internship also included a cultural program. A visit to the Faberge Museum caused a special delight, as well as acquaintance with the conceptual and authentic restaurants of St. Petersburg, for which the city is so famous. And, of course, friendly communication, discussions, exchange of opinions about what they saw and heard, and the opportunity to finally talk face-to-face with colleagues, many of whom have become friends during their studies at the program.

The participants of the internship and the administration of the Faculty of International Studies of the Kingston/RANEPA MBA Program thank the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce in the person of Vladimir Nikitenko, Svetlana Bechtold and Boris Wittkowski for a rich program and excellent organization of the internship!

Vladimir Turovtsev
Director of Business Development, Logrocon Company, Winner of the "Leaders of Russia" competition, Participant of the ADVANCED MANAGEMENT program
"Thank you for a well-organized, practice-oriented and networking fruitful trip as part of the ADVANCED MANAGEMENT program. I would especially like to note the opportunity to touch 4.0 production technologies in practice, see with my own eyes the production processes of leading companies and discuss issues of digital doubles and digital shadows, trends in the development of digitalization, as well as meet interesting people at a visionary lecture. It was very useful and informative! It was great!"

Maxim Shcherbakov
Head of Department, Volgograd State Technical University, Winner of the competition "Leaders of Russia", Participant of the ADVANCED MANAGEMENT program
"Thank you very much for the internship! The organization was at an excellent level, everything was clear. It was absolutely useful for me: a visit to SIEMENS, SEW, some kind of soulful conversation in MobaHaus. And, of course, I was glad to see my colleagues!"

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