Публикации SIBE (11-15)

MBA Autumn session: Live life to the fullest with sustainability, responsibility and ethics.

I was looking at the approaching Autumn from our RANEPA’s embankment office during the MBA module on Responsible Management in October. Autumn teaches us that Live life to the fullest: The season of autumn is representative of the cycle of life and so the business also goes through a life cycle where we are surrounded by triangular approach of sustainability, responsibility and ethics.
The MBA students had a great chance to understand how important is Responsible management for any company and their pledge to conceding the ethical and environmental impact of business decisions, guaranteeing businesses make an encouraging and sustainable impact. Modern world business environment is antagonized with issues of sustainability, responsibility and ethics. The question is if the company’s economic growth is beneficial to everyone. It can be ensured based on its CSR policies- in short all stake holders should be benefited and also minimizing its effect on the planet. The young managers are able to feel and see the nature of Responsible Management challenges.
Two top speakers from the Industry were invited to blend the flavor of theory and practice.
Armen Gyulumyan, Marketing Director and Vice President of Marsh Insurance Broker.
Topic: The concept of ESG in professional services.
Shunova Kristina Sergeevna, Vice President for Sustainable Development, JSC Raiffeisen bank
Topic: ESG VS Sustainability. What is the difference?
They discussed and spoke about why ESG is important for any organization providing and covering ample of examples and risk areas. Organizations are exploring sustainability goals in their future strategies. The question what crops up most of the time is whether ESG or Sustainability issues are just a marketing or sales tools. So, let’s debate….
Dr. Mitali Mittra