Visit of Kingston/RANEPA MBA students to Yandex

By good tradition, in January 2020, the first-year students of the Kingston/RANEPA MBA program visited the office of the leading Russian digital company Yandex. Andrey Sebrant, the company's Marketing Director, held a master class on the topic "Intelligent Technologies as they are".

Maslyukov Maxim,
Head of direction of analytical support of the client perimeter
1st year MBA student Kingston/RANEPA

"The visit to the Yandex office was remembered for two moments: firstly, it was an acquaintance with a beautiful, harmonious, cozy office, which is clearly made with care for employees, which is not often met; secondly, it was an excellent lecture by Andrey Sebrant, one of the gurus of the Runet and part-time director of strategic marketing of Yandex.

Actually, we can say that this speech was the diamond of the whole day – it was extremely informative, competent, structured and highly entertaining narration about what is behind all the major modern technological trends, such as artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, machine learning, text recognition, voice, images, etc. in simple language, using concrete obvious examples, he explained why there is no need to be afraid of all those "horror stories" that the public and the media often attribute to the development of modern technologies.

In general, every slide of Andrey's presentation shows his love for progress, which he successfully shared with the public. It's nice to listen to a person who understands his favorite subject and knows how to easily and concisely convey complex things.
It remains only to add words of gratitude for this lecture!"

Voynovsky Alexander Alexandrovich
Head of the DRP Platform Architecture Management Center, Regional Sales Directorate of PJSC GAZPROM NEFT
1st year MBA student Kingston/RANEPA

"What do you know about artificial intelligence technologies? When will they penetrate into our lives? Is it worth being afraid of them? What will happen after their implementation? Andrey Sebrant, Director of Strategic Marketing, answered all these questions during his visit to Yandex. In the conversation, Andrey spoke about the future of innovative technologies, their role in our lives, showed options for their application. Special attention was paid to object recognition and classification technologies. The main trends of tomorrow were also revealed: autonomous devices, speech technologies and computer vision. A really informative and interesting lecture that allows us to take a different look at the world around us and modern technologies.

A bonus, as part of our visit, was a sightseeing tour of the Yandex office. It was very interesting to look into the inner life of the employees and walk through their ultramodern office. Everything is done in it for the comfort of employees, starting with the kitchen with fresh mint for tea, ending with numerous recreation areas for every taste.

Everything is done for the comfort of employees and to support maximum performance, as it should be in a modern office of an innovative company.

I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for such an interesting and informative event."

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