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EMBA in Russian: what is remembered about 2021?

1. Expanding the audience
The EMBA program in Russian traditionally attracts the winners and finalists of the Leaders of Russia contest - contest participants from various regions of the country and business sectors make up about half of the set. In 2021, a significant number of entrepreneurs and business owners joined the program, many of whom created successful companies in a short time, for example, in logistics and real estate. In addition, for the first time in many years, business representatives from Belarus came to study at the program again, thereby expanding the boundaries of the School's business community!

2. Visit to Gemba Mercedes Benz
In 2021, as part of the course "Operational Management", the students of the EMBA program in Russian got acquainted with the production system of Mercedes Benz, as they say, at gemba, a place of value creation – a thorough visit to the company's production site in the Moscow region and communication with the management took place.

3. Philips, Beeline, Dobroflot - companies participating in the Workshop - 2021
The project workshop is a team work on real cases of companies within a limited time, a special and important format of training on the program. In 2021, the Project Workshop was marked by a variety of cases from various sectors of the economy, as well as the acuteness and relevance of the problems being solved: the international company Phillips presented a case on localization of medical equipment production, Beeline proposed the task of expanding consumer engagement through the ID system. A case of a completely different plan was presented by Dobroflot, the leader of the fishing industry - staff turnover, this is a challenge for the company and a task that the listeners of the program had to deal with. The proposed solutions were highly appreciated by the representatives of the companies as a new, fresh point of view and a possible way to solve the problem.

4. "Italians in Russia"
Despite the difficulties with international travel and covid restrictions, the program managed to attract an Italian professor, Dr. Giulio Toscani, to participate in the program. The courses with Giulio's participation "Leadership" and "Digital Entrepreneurship" were unusual, if not extravagant. How to teach "Leadership" to modern managers? What does the endurance competition in the plank and the headstand have to do with it? Julio shared his impressions of his visit to Moscow in a short video clip.

5. "Digital transformation", which causes a flurry of emotions
The course "Digital transformation of business", which is conducted using the format of a mini-conference, this year caused an incredibly powerful emotional reaction of the audience. Patimat Omarova, Minister of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan, a 2nd-year student of the EMBA program in Russian, shared her emotions on social networks:
"That's who? Who would have thought that digital transformation is such a delightfully fascinating topic? It's very interesting, it turns out! I would even say: very, very!

The sixth module on the Kingston/RANEPA MBA program brought an understanding of the numbers in all possible ways: digital money, blockchain, end-to-end technologies, artificial intelligence, information security ...
Brain explosion and exit to the Metaverse were somewhere nearby))) #RANEPA #EMBA @ranepa_official #kingstonranepa #Kingston"

6. Graduation projects - 2021
In September, the defense of the final projects of the EMBA-2019 group took place. Graduation diploma projects are carried out by students individually and have a pronounced applied orientation. Among the companies - objects of this year's diploma research: Rosselkhoznadzor, Gazprom, Amur Oil Refinery, Evraz, Gazpromneft, Kontur, BCS, as well as small business companies and non-profit organizations. A diploma project is always the quintessence of knowledge and experience gained at the EMBA program, the result of a 2–year journey, professional development and personal growth.

7. The long-awaited graduation ceremony
In September 2021, the long-awaited graduation ceremony took place, which united the streams of EMBA-2018, EMBA-2019 and graduates of the Advanced Management (post-MBA) program. Awarding diplomas, prizes in special nominations "For the best diploma project", "Outstanding academic results", as well as "MBA Oscars" in humorous nominations is a good tradition of the Kingston/RANEPA school (video about the ceremony). During the festive evening, the talents of graduates revealed new facets: their own lyrics, ditties, as well as unexpectedly bright solo performances and duets - a real firework of talents and the strengthening of friendly and professional ties for life!

8. "Splashes of champagne" and New Year's mood
The manager must be a harmonious person and, in addition to financial indicators, strategic models and concepts, understand art, literature, cinema. In order to form a broad outlook of the head, the program periodically invites representatives of the sphere of culture and art with thematic master classes. This year, the approach of the New Year was celebrated with a master class "Champagne and world sparkling wines", they understood the intricacies of the production and terroir of cava, cream and champagne, looked for shades of fruits, minerals and barberry in these drinks. An unforgettable holiday that made everyone closer - how many wishes were made for different types of sparkling wines! It remains to wish everyone fulfillment of their wishes, health and success! See you in 2022!