A first-year student has been appointed managing partner of the largest Russian social network

The superfinalist of the Leaders of Russia management contest – the flagship project of the presidential platform "Russia is a Land of Opportunities"Mikhail Slobodinsky became the managing partner of the TenChat social network, which unites Russian specialists in various fields. He will be engaged in cooperation with professional communities and authorities. Mikhail Slobodinsky was invited to the management team by his colleague at the Leaders of Russia contest, Semyon Tenyaev, the founder and head of the IT project.
The superfinalist of the fourth season of the Leaders of Russia management contest Mikhail Slobodinsky will be engaged in the communication development of the domestic social network for professionals TenChat, which today has more than two million users. He was invited to the project team by his colleague in the Leaders of Russia competition, the founder and head of TenChat, Semyon Tenyaev. As a managing partner, Mikhail Slobodsky will have to expand the opportunities for social network users to interact with each other, build cooperation with professional communities and authorities.
"The challenges are serious. Our team plans to become a single window for communication between professionals: from civil servants and scientists to self–employed specialists and production workers. People's reputations are being formed here, career growth is being built, partnerships are being established. No one has performed such a function on the Russian-language Internet before us. In fact, this is a kind of business club for the whole country. We are developing rapidly and in the future we are going to fully cover the business community of Russia," Mikhail Slobodinsky said.
The social network was developed with the support of the Skolkovo Foundation and launched in 2021. A year later, the number of users exceeded one million.