Publications SIBE (6-10)

CIPD Newsletter: People Analytics

HR analytics or human capital analytics is the use of employee data in analytical processes to solve business problems. HR analytics uses both employee data collected by HR systems (for example, salary, absence management) and business information (for example, data on the performance of operations). Analytics allows HR professionals and employers to gain insight into their workforce, HR policies and practices, paying particular attention to human capital, and ultimately can provide more informed decision-making. This article discusses the importance of analyzing people in understanding whether the workforce generates value for the organization. It provides an overview of quantitative and qualitative forms of human resource data, including causal relationships between data sets. The article discusses the main levels of human capital analysis, as well as specialists responsible for the analysis of human resources in the workplace. In addition, the objectives of the analysis of human capital and nine stages of this process, from planning to evaluating the results, are defined.

CIPD: People Analytics